Will car insurance cover my stuff in the trunk?

What if my car gets broken into and they steal all my CD’s, laptop and tools from my vehicle … Will I be covered?

That is a great question to ask and we here it from time to time from our auto insurance clients.

What do you think?  If you answered yes, then I’m sorry you would be disappointed. Comprehensive insurance covers you if your car is vandalized or stolen. It will not cover the valuables that you may store in there.

But don’t despair, it doesn’t mean that you will never see your favorite CD collection again. Here is a tip that might come in helpful one day:

Consumer Tip: Did you know that you can file a claim on your home insurance policy?  It’s true, most home-insurance policies will cover inexpensive items such as compact discs. Now you can see another advantage of carrying home insurance or renters insurance  in Atlanta. So basically your car becomes an extension of your home in the eyes of an insurance company.

Now here is something that you need to be cautious of. The tip we shared with you covers small and inexpensive items only. If you carry expensive items such as specialized tools or computer equipment, you should seriously consider adding a rider to your home-insurance policy. A set of expensive mechanics tools can easily run into the thousands of dollars.  Here is another tip we recently shared with our readers, remember to take pictures or video your expensive items before they are stolen.