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When it comes to insurance, Hope isn’t a very good plan.

How sad it is when a renter finds out that their land lords insurance will not cover their personal possessions and liability.

Many renters make the same mistake over and over again. They assume that their landlord’s insurance policy will offer protection for their valuables, too. This is not the case. Whether you own or rent, you are responsible for your own personal property. If you do not purchase the proper coverage, you may be facing financial trauma much sooner than later.

Fortunately, Chitose has the renters insurance solutions for all of Georgia.

Why purchase renters insurance?

There are a number of reasons why a renter should consider purchasing a renters insurance policy. Our agency has a few reasons, right here.

  • Protection from theft. Did you know that According to the National Crime Prevention Council, apartment buildings are 85% more likely to be victimized by burglaries than other types of housing?An affordable renters insurance policy can provide protection for personal property in the event of theft.
  • Property damage coverage. Renters insurance may cover you in the event that your personal possessions are damaged, whether due to a fire, lightning storm, water, or even a hurricane.
  • Liability protection. If an individual is injured on your property, you may be held accountable – whether you are responsible or not. If this happens, renters insurance may kick in to protect you from any lawsuits that stem from the incident.

It is also important to note that renters insurance is very affordable. Often times, renters are surprised by how inexpensive this policy is for such a great deal of protection. It does not make sense to NOT purchase it! As always, our agents can also help you identify special riders or additional policies that can maximize your home’s protection – for a great price.

Allow our agency to protect you.

At Chitose insurance we are committed to helping you identify EXACTLY what you need to remain protected as a renter. To learn more, please give us a call or fill out the free quote form on this page.

Here is a TIP… Did you know that you will save on apartment coverage when you combine it with any of your other personal insurance policies? We look forward to protecting the place you rent.

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